Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an Escape Room?

Experiencing an escape room at EscapeTales means going on your own adventure. Using logical thinking and teamwork you have one hour to escape. We guarantee you'll be having fun and laughing together!

How long will it take?

Once you come in we expect you’ll be busy for around two hours. We take a lot of time afterwards to look at the results together, using imagery from your escape experience! If you have dinner reservations at a specific time afterwards, please let us know so we can keep it in mind.

Are Escape Rooms difficult?

That depends on a lot of different factors. But here at EscapeTales we can say that it's definitely a fun experience, everyone is able to contribute! And we will take care of you during your time with us.

Is it scary or dangerous?

It is absolutely not dangerous! Here at EscapeTales safety is our number one priority! But is it scary? Well, we guess that depends on who you take in the room with you…

Are there creepy people walking around?

We don’t have any actors here at EscapeTales. So the only scary people you might see are part of your own group.

What happens if we don't escape in an hour?

Even then you’ll be surprised how much fun you had. Afterwards we will take the time to discuss what has happened. Or maybe who's fault it was...

With how many people can we enter the Escape Room?

It is a group experience so we can facilitate a minimum of two persons. Our absolute maximum is 5 persons in the escape room. This ensures everyone has a thrilling experience.

What time should we arrive?

Arriving 15 minutes before you booking will give us some room to start your experience in a nice and relaxing way.

What clothing should I wear?

Casual clothing. We will fit you with an overall when you enter the escape room.

In which languages can I play?

We are currently busy to translate our experience to Swahili. Until that time however we offer the experience in Dutch and English.

Is there a minimum age?

We advise a minimum age of 15 years old. We can deviate from that should you so want. Watching our trailers on this website will give a good indication if the room is considered too scary. If that is the case, we can offer Runaway Train Junior for the more youthful investigators. If any of the participants are under 18 years of age we require a supervising adult in the room.

Can I play when I'm under the influence of alcohol?

Absolutely not, we strictly deny anyone entry to our escape room that is apparantly under the influence of alcohol. No refund will be given is this is the case. However, should you fancy a drink after the escape experience…

I would like to come with more than 5 persons, is that possible?

If you come with more than 5 persons we recommend you to make two bookings. That way, we can split up the group. Either you can play our two different escape rooms at. the same time, resulting in a different experience for each group. Or you can play the same escape room one after the other. While one group plays, the other can wait in our lounge. The added advantage is that the first group can watch the second group play.

I want to bring our baby, is that possible?

We adore babies! Unfortunately we don’t have any baby-sitting facilities. Moreover, walking through our escape room with a baby on your arm is quite cumbersome. And also not the best with regards to our special and sound effects. We recommend leaving babies at home (or with grandparents).

Can pregnant women participate?

That is possible, but keep in mind there might be a certain amount of crawling and some tight passages to traverse. And when a baby is born in our escape room we ofcourse expect it’s second name will be EscapeTales!

What is your favorite color?

White! No, black! Gray..? Next question…

Is there a Junior version for Runaway Train?

Yes, you can book it via our website. We will make sure it is a fun experience for the junior investigators.

Time Jumble

What is Time Jumble?

Time Jumble is our Augmented Reality (AR) game that can be played outside. Using a suitcase full of hardware and a tablet you will be solving puzzles whilst walking a route through Bussum.

How many players can play Time Jumble?

We recommend four players, but five people is also possible. Be sure to be at least with two players so you can share the burden!

What if it's raining?

We are used to some rain in Holland, but we can reschedule if needs be.

Is Time Jumble an escape experience?

Not in the sense of our escape rooms. Time Jumble is an experience that requires you to play outside where you will visit different locations to play different puzzles using physical and virtual objects.

Where can I pick up the Time Jumble game?

Make the booking and at the allotted time you can pick up all the necessary equipment at EscapeTales in Bussum. You will end the route there as well so you can hand in the equipment as well.

Payment & Reservations

What kind of payments do you accept?

We only accept debitcard payments and have no cash available.

How do bookings work?

If you make a reservation through our bookingsystem you can pay directly. When payment is done the booking is made. When the booking is made you will receive a confirmation by email.

Do you have discounts for students?

Of course! We love students! On Monday through Thursday you are welcome to escape with us with discount. Give us a call beforehand and we will arrange it for you!

How is payment done for the booking?

By debitcard (iDeal), Paypal or creditcard.

We already made a reservation but now we want to add an extra person, is that possible?

At EscapeTales you pay per booking. So as long as your group size does not exceed 5 this is most certainly possible. Minimum group size is 2 persons.

We already made a reservation but now there is someone that cannot make it, is that a problem?

At EscapeTales you pay per booking. Minimum group size is 2 persons so that is not a problem.

Can I cancel my booking?

Cancellations can be made free of charge 24 hours in advance. If a cancellation is on shorter notice there will be no refund.

What happens when there is damage?

If we find that our property is being purposefully damaged we will charge for repair (at least 50 euros).

Can we just drop by without a reservation?

Absolutely! But chances are that there is no availability.

We are celebrating a very special event, can you do something special?

We just happen to love parties so of course we can arrange something! Call or email us for the possibilities.


I want to come by public transport, is that easy?

Actually, we recommend you to take public transport! We are situated directly next to the train station Naarden-Bussum!

Where can I park?

Paid parking is available directly in front of us. There is a big parking lot across the train station. Nearby there is even free parking (Naarden).

Are you the only Escape Room in Bussum?

Absolutely! Although there are more escape rooms in nearby towns, such as Naarde, Amsterdam and Utrecht, we are the only ones in Bussum!


Do you have gift cards available?

We are willing to arrange this for you. Call or email us for the possibilities.

Do you also have a meeting room?

Depending on your needs we have a lounge with nice facilities. Call or email us for information.

Can I go to the bathroom during the game?

We recommend that you go to the bathroom before entering the escape room.. This ensures an optimal experience. But when you really have to go, we have a toilet available!

How are the facilities for disabled people?

It is possible to visit us with crutches however due to the stairs and narrow passages we are unable to facilitate wheelchairs.

Do you have anything to drink?

Absolutely, drinks and snacks are available for a small price.

With which team are you taking on this challenge?

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